Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Turkey Military Coup - Part 2 - ┼×IRNAK'A Gendarmerie Commando Brigade

In these set of pictures, seems like the Gendarmerie Commando Brigade from the town of Sirnak was detained and the soldiers were held temporarily in the basketball field.

If you look closer, seems like they all had their hands ziptied in front, and forced to removed their boots. Quite degrading I must say, which is hot. Seems like their boot laces are removed too.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Turkey Military Coup - Part 1 - July 2016

I think enough time has passed to cover this. It's unthinkable and horrible the number of lives lost or people injured during the entire course of the coup. But political views and issues aside, no matter who's right or wrong, who was behind it, all those technical things. It was a pretty interesting to see videos and images surfaced, of how the soldiers (part of the coup or not, or just following orders) got the upper hand and stormed buildings, secured news stations, and landmarks, but not even a day later got outnumbered and overpowered by the citizens. They were then being disarmed, detained, paraded etc. Military school cadets, and military bases being arrested. Poor guys if they had nothing to go with the coup.

But nevertheless pretty hot scenes. I guess it's standard police procedure to disarm the soldiers of their vests and weapons, and ziptie their hands. Sometimes their hands are ziptied behind their backs or up front, sometimes with heavy duty zipties, sometimes the citizens just used really think zipties that they can easily break (but not the point, they're being detained whether they like it or not). And one thing I noticed is that if they're being detained by the police, they took their bootlaces off, you'll notice it on a lot of the pictures. Sometimes they're also being stripped to their socks and underwear, extra humiliating.

A few soldiers storming CNN Turkey, but then getting arrested by the police. The exchange of power!

Not sure who he is or what his rank is, but he's pretty goodlooking

The whole unit of presidential guard is being ziptied, and detained in a sports field. Hot pics of them waiting to be processed or something sitting back to back to their fellow soldiers.

A whole military unit plus civilians being detained in a volleyball court. Bootlaces taken, hands ziptied and trying to be comfortable waiting for their next predicament.

Stay tuned......more coming......