Saturday, November 25, 2017

Slasher - Season 1

I'm starting to like Steve Byers if he's going to be playing more the roles of tied men in uniform. In this "gorier than I like" Netflix series. He plays the role of Hunky Officer Cam Henry. He got jumped on, disarmed, and forced to cuff himself to the radiator. He also had his radio taken so he couldn't call for help, so he's trying to reach for his radio with his foot, which is kinda hot to watch.

And here are some of him tied and tape gagged in Gridlocked

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Wanted Season 2

Ran into this Australian Series on Netflix, and was pleasantly surprised that it has plenty of pretty good TV bondage.

One of the characters (a good looking one I shall add), got jumped on, tied with ropes, tied with duct tape, cuffed with novelty pink cuffs, AND duct tape gagged. He got his duct tape gag put on, removed and reapplied multiple times, and you can tell from the different looks of the tapes between the shots, that it even got reapplied multiple times between takes.

Another character go kidnapped and ziptied and tied.....brief shots.

A police officer is not having a good day, first he got knocked out during a traffic stop. And later in the day (with knockout mark still visible on his head), got jumped on by another cop that he detained, using the comical "I need to pee, you need to unzip my pants" stunt. The other cop got his cuffs removed, but then using pressure point methods and pins, he got the police officer to surrender, completely uncuff the cop, and having his own cuffs put on himself, and forced to be cuffed around the sink.

Some of the example pics are posted here, for the full set of pics, go to

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Scorpion - Season 4 Episode 2

This episode has multiple scenes. The Russian Hotel manager for zapped with an improvised device then hog-taped and tape gagged with duct tape. He's attractive and the a lot of tape was used although it seemed ineffective. He was then dragged and hid inside a closet, and later found by a bell boy. Lots of struggling and moaning.

Another scene is of the Russian military pilot, quick scene, but lots of leg taping being shown, he was also hog-taped, and presumably tape gagged (but not shown, or too hard to make out).

Another very brief scene, is the Russian general getting a spa treatment, they improvised somekind of  a goo treatment that's supposed to harden and trap the general. He was shown moaning with a sock in his mouth.